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  • PU surgical film with iodine
PU surgical film with iodine
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 No matter whatever clinical department you are in, you will pay attention to the surgical infection rate. Clinical researches found that lots of infections are tightly related to staphylococcus superficialis, which is more dangerous than staphylococcus aureus and E.coli. The probability of surgical infections induced by staphylococcus superficialis might be much higher than we considered before. Staphylococcus superficialis is the maximum bacteria on the surface of human skin, and it is the first main morbific microbe in bone operation, heart valves replacement, vein remaining needle, peritoneum catheterization therapy and bypass operation of cerebrospinal fluid. Top-medical PU film can alleviate postoperative pain and make you feel confident to the surgery.

1. The surgical film is extra-thin, breathable, transparent and suitable, it create a good sterile environment at the  surgical part.

2. We also append dirt drainage bag on it to fit clinic demands.

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