Absorbent Cotton Gauze

Cotton Gauze Roll with Competitive Price



We could supply top-quality absorbent gauze roll with competitive price and good service.
1.100% bleached.
2.100% Cotton
3. Available in a Wide Range of Standard Size and Plies

Gauze Roll Yarn
21’s x 21’s
32’s x 32’s
36’s x 36’s
40’s x 32’s
40’s x 40’s
Gauze Roll Mesh
18 x 9
19 x 15
20 x 12
26 x 18
28 x 24
30 x 20
30 x 30
32 x 28
Gauze Roll Size Plies
90cm x 5m(36″x 6y) 2p, 4p
90cm x 90m(36″x 98y)
90cm x 100m(36″x109y)
100cm x 100m(40″x109y)

90cm x 2000m(36″x 6y) 1p
140cm x2000m(36″x 6y)
160cm x 2000m(36″x 6y)